About US

Welcome to the official website of Tamil School Narre Warren Campus.

In the month of October 2013, with only 15 students and two teachers our school opened its doors to serve the local Tamil community with much needed Tamil Language education.

Since then, with growing number of passionate students and determined parent community, our school has evolved into a unique institution which imparts not only Tamil Literacy but also deep cultural values, to create highly refined individuals. It promotes good behaviour, discipline and above all, empathy in the young hearts.

Our school takes pride in having highly skilled and experienced teachers who are committed to our school’s vision. Our school administration works closely with the enthusiastic and committed parent community to create a very friendly, fun filled and secure learning environment to all students.

We are proud to be a part of the great vision of VTA to enrich Tamil language in Victorian Tamil children.


In addition to our classroom syllabus our school students are engaged in other extra-curricular activities such as the Muththamizh Vizhah, Kalai Vizhah, student exhibition and sports meet.

Such events enhance our student’s self-confidence, oratory skills, dramatic skills and other forms of fine arts along with the literacy skills of Tamil Language.

The school runs a mobile library program which enormously contributes to student learning. The students are encouraged to actively read, by awarding prizes to the kids who read more.


Vision & Mission

To become the leading Tamil language school in Victoria in providing quality Tamil language education coupled with Tamil cultural values in fun filled, friendly and secure environment by skillful, experienced educators / Mentors.



Our school charter is governed by the board of Victoria Tamil Association (VTA) and the Board of Ethical School Association Victoria. The charter stipulates the curriculum for each grade and the way to measure achievement.

Furthermore, the charter gives clear guidelines on Management structure, Code of practice and resourcing.


Child Safety Policy V2024.0 
Child Safe Code of Conduct V2023.0 
Incident Report – Child Safety V2023.0