Reading Tamil Books  is a wonderful way to not only, extend students’ Tamil knowledge, but also their writing skills in any language. That’s why our Tamil School provides students access to a collection of Tamil books through our eLibrary and traditional library. Students are motivated to read Tamil books at least once a week to help them strive.

Our eLibrary is found in the Student Portal and allows students to browse and read books anytime. Each book features a mini reading comprehension quiz towards the end which students are encouraged to complete to test their understanding.

Our traditional library is open from 11:00AM to 12:30PM on Sundays. We highly recommend that Year 2 & 3 students borrow these hardcopy books to read with their family at home. They can then find the book on the eLibrary and complete the relevant quiz.

If you have any Tamil books you are willing to donate our Tamil School library, it would be much appreciated by our staff and students.